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"My Reiki experience with Marilyn was an excellent one and I plan to return. The space in which she practices is very calming. Marilyn has a gentle demeanor and talked with me first about what I was experiencing in my life and she explained about what to expect. At the end of the 60 minute session, I felt completely relaxed and the stresses of life where not weighing me down. I can view this service is one I can use when I feel the need for deep relaxation and de-stress. It was time well spent! "

Yani P.

"I've suffered from stomach issues, but at the end of the session my symptoms of pain were relieved! At the end of the treatment I felt like someone gave me a huge hug. I felt so loved and in peace. For anyone suffering from pain,  depression, or anxiety, I highly recommend Marilyn for Reiki treatment.  She was so loving and kind."

Melissa C.

"I've been having allergies, colds, and respiratory issues for a while. My lymph nodes in my throat were swollen, and even though I was taking medications and going to doctors, I tried Reiki. Marilyn helped me to relax and focus on the intention of healing. I have done a couple of sessions and I have felt great relief. Marilyn was very kind, understanding, and talked me through the entire process. Could not recommend her enough!"

Alexandra R.

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